Tuesday, February 1, 2011


it's been a day and a half
since we spoke
and i sometimes go to say something,
to you.
but i'm no longer sure
because my heart is beating out
this doubt that creeps on my skin
and over my eyes
and i feel like it's got me.
so can you give me another five minutes
or so
before i call you back
on our tin can phones that i made
for us so many years ago.

Monday, November 29, 2010

be vigilant.

if you step out onto
a crust of snow
there is always a chance of breaking it and ruining
the perfect landscape,
marring it with your ugly boot prints
and the broken looking holes
where brown prairie weeds are revealed
and you will know
that you have done this
if it weren't for your stepping it would have remained
so crisp and smooth
all the way until spring
if only you had trod more carefully,


will i stand
will i stay
will i have enough strong forces
for tomorrow
can i think the thoughts
that are better
can i let the awfulness of possibility
slip for a moment
to enjoy the life that is mine right now
right now
will i stand
will i stay.


certain days,
there is an incessant rhythm.
it is pounding
it is pulling
it is dragging soul
and sighs into it's vortex,
where all the colours of your intentions
mix up to muddy brown.

Friday, November 19, 2010


bright white halo masking yellow light and blue
horizons behind soft, blanketed
rooftops, crowded with winter's lace -
there is a bird sits
atop it's weighted wire
unmoving cold claws clinging.
graceful jerk of neck towards
distant crinkling branches in
this higher winter world,
heedless to the squeak of beings
below, their tread upon the ground
a topographic maze of white and brown.

Friday, November 5, 2010

study break.

you were dressed in orange
head in hand
white kitchen light glowing down
on your evening at the table

glowing down on your piano teeth
and your feather hands
and your nest of papers

you are the soundtrack to these words.


there is a kind of floating
that can be done
it can
it can
it can be done

when you let
the song

it will carry you
in that way
in that way
in that way like human voices do

like they do you up
and keep out empty cold